July 23, 2018

We’re Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, authors of sci fi and fantasy books for teens and adults.

We love writing books, but we also love talking about books and finding great book deals. So our author site is a lot like a 24/7 book club, open all day, every day. (A book club that plays games and hosts movie nights, too!) Whether you’re looking for good books to read, or you want to share your own great finds of the best fantasy books and the best sci fi books out there, we’re here, moderating an open and inclusive reading community. 


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The Daily Bookaholic: Featured Deal

$1.99 Sale!

When I LOL twice in the first two pages, I have to buy it! (And it’s 87% off!)

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic, by Emily Croy Barker

$1.99 Kindle Sale ($14.99)

Even when a book is 87% off, I still check out the sample. But when I literally laugh out loud twice in the first two pages and it’s only $1.99, I have to buy it. I just have to. And then, after I fell in love with it (hashtag insta-love-is-real, hashtag yes-i-know-thats-not-how-hashtags-work), and after I bought it, I happened across a reviewer, moaning in agony: the sequel wasn’t out yet. Nooooooooo!!! [Pops open Google in a panic.] Turns out, things look hopeful.

The author posted on her blog in March. The sequel is coming. And again in May, on Goodreads. Definitely coming. And then the publisher posted this sale–this crazy, wonderful sale–which they like to do to bump demand just before the next one. So, even though the sequel isn’t out yet, all signs point to an announcement soon. And, hey, I’m still on pins and needles for book three of The Kingkiller Chronicle. But I’m not sorry I read the first two. Some things are worth the wait. I’m betting The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic is one of them.

Especially while that bet is only $1.99.

Get the deal!

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International Sale: The Intuitives

The Intuitives Ebook Sale

Ebook Sale $2.99 for a limited time!

The electronic version of our first book, The Intuitives, is on sale for just $2.99 in all international markets on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. That’s 67% off the usual price of $8.99!

Gaming, magic, and ancient mysteries. Imagination just became our greatest weapon.

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MORE Hogwarts Mystery Easter Eggs?

But wait! Are there more Hogwarts Mystery Easter eggs??? 

If you liked our posts on how to upgrade your rewards every time in Hogwarts Mystery, and where to find free Easter eggs, you’re going to love this one! A player finds a secret name in the Hogwarts Mystery house points leaderboard, and it doesn’t belong in Hogwarts!!!

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