Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Fun Thriller with a Cool Premise

ISBN: 978-0988491007

Ghost Hand is a fun read with an intriguing premise. Sometime in the very near future, a rare condition develops in which people are occasionally born with “ghost” parts. The main character, Liv, has a ghost hand. She can use it in the same way anyone else uses their hand, but recently it has begun to evidence a mind of its own…

It might sound like horror, but it’s more of an action thriller. Without any spoilers, Liv has to figure out what’s going on with her hand while evading a bunch of ghost-hating bad guys, dealing with the requisite hot-guy-she-can’t-figure-out, and dodging a mother who has never been able to accept the way she was born. Continue reading “Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton”