The Blazing Star – by Imani Josey

The Blazing Star – by Imani Josey

Interesting Premise with a Gorgeous Setting

I was scrolling through the young adult section looking for a new read, and the shelf was like this: HOT GUY on the cover, HOT GUY on the cover, HOT GUY on the cover…

Although I enjoy a hot-guy romance as much as the next hot-guy enthusiast… every single cover? Really? So I was THRILLED to run across The Blazing Star. The heroine of the story, actually dominating the cover. Imagine that.

I requested it immediately.

The initial chapters (set in the real world) did not disappoint. There are universal tensions that any heart can relate to, and I cared about both sisters right from the start. And then… Egypt! The glimpses into the daily life of this fantastical version of ancient Egypt are one of the book’s greatest strengths.

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