Free Energy – Hidden Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Mystery!

Ah, Easter eggs: the hidden treasures that game designers hide for us to find and love, and Hogwarts Mystery has plenty! There’s a secret FREE ENERGY egg in every section of Hogwarts, and instead of describing where they are, we thought we’d just show you.

In the East Towers:

Touch the mirror at the far left of the hall.

In the West Towers:

Touch the picture to the right of the Gryffindor Common Room.

On the Lower Floor – West:

Touch the unlit brazier to the right of the Great Hall door.

In the Dungeons:

Tap the little guy to the right of the Kitchens. (Hey, is that Dobby?)

On the Castle Grounds:

Touch the stick on the ground.

On the Lower Floor – East:

Touch the messy pile of books–magic, flying books!

In Hogsmeade, look for a student on a sled in the alley. (We’ll update this post with a gif once we open it.)

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