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Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

A Masterpiece of Story and Literature

ISBN: 978-0316341684

Lazlo Strange is a war orphan, born without a name and raised without any sympathy for his plight—or for his vast imagination. But as he is playing in the orchard one day, pretending to be a famous Tizerkane warrior of… of… of where? The very name of the mystical city that lies across the desert is suddenly erased from his mind.

Erased from everyone’s mind, as it turns out. But what sort of magic could steal a name? Most people don’t even seem interested in the question, but Lazlo is determined to find out. And his quest leads him on one of the greatest adventures it has ever been our pleasure to read.

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The Crimson Throne by Christi Stallard

The Crimson Throne by Christi Stallard

Surprising, Entertaining, Screen-worthy


4.25 stars!

If you love monsters and fantasy creatures, you’ll love Christi Stallard’s The Crimson Throne. Vampires, dragons, sirens, pixies, werewolves, ghouls… they all live side by side in a world that no longer belongs to humankind, which is a real problem for Sadie Carlisle, the teen heroine who has spent her entire life surrounded by the walls of Section 18. When the city gets raided, Sadie is forced to fight for her very survival.

If that sounds at all cliché, trust me, it isn’t. The world Christi Stallard has created is masterful, from its invented history to the setup of day-to-day life. Movie companies and TV networks, take note: the reimagining of so many mythical creatures into one seamless, dystopian nightmare makes this universe ripe for acquisition.

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Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Windwitch by Susan Dennard

An Instant Classic! One for Your Permanent Collection!

ISBN: 978-0765379306

We love books. In fact, we adore them. We don’t have time to read as many as we would like, so we only finish the ones we love. And we only review the ones we finish. As a result, we give out a lot of four- and five-star ratings, and we mean every one of them.

But every once in a while, a book comes along that truly stands out. A book (or series) that belongs with the likes of The Hobbit, or Ender’s Game, or every book Anne McCaffrey ever wrote. A book we insist on adding to our permanent collection in autographed hardcover.

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Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden

Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden

This Debut Author Is One To Watch

ISBN: 978-0995636507

Here’s the thing about real people. They’re complicated. Okay, fine. We’re complicated. We can stand up to a pack of wolves with nothing but a knife at dusk and then shiver in a warm bed until dawn, terrified by a nightmare we don’t even remember. It doesn’t make any sense. Real people don’t always make sense. Emily Sowden gets that. She gets how real life works.

Take Ava. She might not be great at fighting, but she’s a survivor. She knows how to depend on herself. When her mother dies and her father starts disappearing, she holds the family farm together. So what if women aren’t allowed to conduct business in her misogynist, backwater town? She’ll dress herself as a young man and get the job done. That’s practical strength. That’s real strength. Continue reading “Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden”

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Magnificent! Don’t Miss!

ISBN: 978-0765379283

Truthwitch is a new-adult high fantasy, set in a world of magic that will at first seem familiar: air witch, water witch, fire witch, earth witch… But the deeper you delve, the more unique and mesmerizing the world becomes.

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The Blazing Star – by Imani Josey

The Blazing Star – by Imani Josey

Interesting Premise with a Gorgeous Setting

ISBN: 978-1945769160

I (Erin) was scrolling through the young adult section looking for a new read, and the shelf was like this: HOT GUY on the cover, HOT GUY on the cover, HOT GUY on the cover…

Although I enjoy a hot-guy romance as much as the next hot-guy enthusiast… every single cover? Really? So I was THRILLED to run across The Blazing Star. The heroine of the story, actually dominating the cover. Imagine that.

I requested it immediately.

The initial chapters (set in the real world) did not disappoint. There are universal tensions that any heart can relate to, and I cared about both sisters right from the start. And then… Egypt! The glimpses into the daily life of this fantastical version of ancient Egypt are one of the book’s greatest strengths. Continue reading “The Blazing Star – by Imani Josey”

Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Fun Thriller with a Cool Premise

ISBN: 978-0988491007

Ghost Hand is a fun read with an intriguing premise. Sometime in the very near future, a rare condition develops in which people are occasionally born with “ghost” parts. The main character, Liv, has a ghost hand. She can use it in the same way anyone else uses their hand, but recently it has begun to evidence a mind of its own…

It might sound like horror, but it’s more of an action thriller. Without any spoilers, Liv has to figure out what’s going on with her hand while evading a bunch of ghost-hating bad guys, dealing with the requisite hot-guy-she-can’t-figure-out, and dodging a mother who has never been able to accept the way she was born. Continue reading “Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton”