January 20, 2019


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The 5 Best Ways to Get Updates on Tales of the Wendy, Book 2!

Want to know when The Wendy sequel is coming out? Here’s how to get updates about Tales of the Wendy, Book 2, by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, including the publishing date and preorders!

We’re rapidly approaching a finished draft of Wendy II, and we’ve already launched the cover project with the same artist who did the first book. Here are 5 great ways to get updates about the book, and to make sure you hear about it when it goes on sale.

1. Join our newsletter. Just enter your email address and choose “Tell me about your new releases.” It’s that easy! You’ll be among the first to know when the book is up for preorder and when it arrives on the shelves. We won’t spam you, and we’ll never share your email with anyone. Ever.

2. Follow us on Patreon. We post even more updates on Patreon. Follow us to get draft updates, reports on the cover art, and other progress reports about the series. Basic updates are 100% free, just for following us. Various patron levels can also see draft chapters, weigh in on the cover art, and generally get sneak peeks into the process.

3. Join our bloggers and reviewers. If you’re a blogger or reviewer and you’d like to be part of our cover reveal for Wendy II and/or the upcoming ARC tour, sign up here by choosing “Tell me when you have ARCs”!

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A delightful read! Deliciously addictive!

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Love à la Mode, by Stephanie Kate Strohm

I read Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Prince in Disguise during the 2017 holiday season and absolutely devoured it. With Love à la Mode, she’s now on my (very short) must-read author list.

Henry is in high school, but he’s been chosen out of thousands of applicants to attend one of the most elite cooking programs in the world—a year in Paris! It’s his wildest dream come true, but his mother is not on board. From an ocean away, she’s going to make the best year of his life into a living hell. But he has to survive it. He has to. Not just for his dreams, but for Rosie.

Rosie’s in the same program, but she’s more of a baker than a cook. She’s failing in class, proving to be terrible at the one thing she loves most in the world, and they’ve made it very clear that not everyone gets to stay the full year. She’s already lost more than any kid should have to, and she’s struggling to hold on to the first thing she’s cared about in a very long time. The first two things—her year in Paris, and Henry.

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Add The Wendy on Goodreads!


The Wendy is a Goodreads hot new YA series of 2018!

When we opened the Goodreads October YA newsletter, our jaws hit the floor. There was The Wendy, listed alongside books like Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone and Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince as one of the hottest new YA series of 2018. We honestly couldn’t believe it.
We’re thrilled and overwhelmingly humbled to be included in such a distinguished list. To all the amazing readers who cataloged the book on Goodreads, bringing it to their attention, thank you! You are the BEST and we love you all!
In other news, The Wendy has also been included in this recent Ezvid video of 9 Fantastic Novels For Fairy Tale Fans. If you’re a booktuber and you include any of our books in your videos, we’d love to hear about it! And remember to tag us in social media posts @DragonAuthors!
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