There’s a Stinky Goblin in the Shed by Andrea Kaczmarek; Illustrated by Eva Künzel

Surprising and Delightful

When twins Jerry and Jacob visit their Gran, they end up with more than they bargained for.

More work—cleaning out her old shed.

More fun—turning that shed into a secret hideout.

And more trouble—thanks to Hob the Goblin.

For one thing, tiny Hob stinks to high heaven. He also has an insatiable appetite, a tendency to exaggerate, and a flair for total destruction. It’s going to be all the boys can handle to figure out how he showed up in their forest—and how to get him back home.

This middle-grade adventure is a surprising and delightful tale for all ages. The characters, story, and dialog are excellent, and we had a ton of fun reading this one, especially performing the sniffling goblin voices.

The illustrations are cute, although they don’t always reflect the story’s action. The book could also use another round of editing, which we care about particularly in a story intended for young readers. Still, it’s a short read with an engaging plot for middle-grade minds. If we had any such readers in our home, we would definitely include There’s a Stinky Goblin in the Shed in our permanent collection.

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