Mesmerizing. Profound. Epic.

Furyborn, by Claire Legrand

Two women, separated by centuries, each trapped in an unhappy life by who they are and how they were born. Both struggling to hide themselves, both yearning to be free.


Furyborn has two completely separate (and yet ultimately intertwined) storylines, and both are incredibly fast-paced. Each plot has its own kick-ass heroine and tons of action, which is one of the novel’s greatest strengths. I could… not… put… it… down.

I sat with this book for a long time after I finished it. Riveting. Like… riveting. The prolog basically shows you where one of the two storylines is heading, and yet that one was still my favorite of the two. How is that even possible??? I knew the ending up front and I still couldn’t stop reading it! That just blew me away.

I was so caught up in Rielle’s story that it didn’t matter what I already knew. I had to watch it unfold, and I hung on every new twist and turn. (For that matter, I’m still hanging on them. Furyborn is not a stand-alone by any stretch of the imagination. If you read it, you’ll need the next one, so be prepared for the wait.)

Eliana has a deeply engaging story of her own, and I love her relationship with her brother in particular. She’s strong, protective, practical, and a little bitter, thanks to the life she’s been saddled with. Both plot lines hold their own against each other, which is definitely saying something. I loved Eliana.

But I adored Rielle.

There’s a lot that remains to be revealed, and future books in the series promise to be just as exciting, just as full of action and mystery.

BOTTOM LINE: A wild ride that definitely lives up to the hype.

– Erin’s pick.

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