What do we have to brighten your work week? Why, FREE SPACESHIP MONDAY, of course!

8 sci-fi books with spaceships on the cover, from thrilling space operas to tongue-in-cheek spoofs. All FREE for a limited time!

As we were browsing through our usual book haunts in the wee hours of the morning, we noticed a ton of free sci-fi books with spaceships on the cover. Why? No idea. But, hey, they’re free, right? Pick your favorites, or just download them all!

For even more fun, we boiled each publisher blurb down to six words, Twitter-style. Keep in mind that we haven’t read the books. Or the samples. Or the reviews…

(Did we mention that they’re free?)

1. Space Rogues, by John Wilker

Lost astronaut becomes Star Lord wannabe.


2. Outlaw, by Edward W. Robertson

Janitor pirate hijacks the wrong cargo.


3. Breakers of the Dawn, by Zachariah Wahrer

Space rebels find creepy, ancient relic.


4. Earthrise, by M.C.A. Hogarth

Female Firefly captain, with space elves.


5. Archangel Down, by C. Gockel

Spaceship gets this book featured again.


6. Starship Conquest, by David VanDyke

Conquer them before they conquer us.


7. Rookie Privateer, by Jamie McFarlane

In this one, pirates are bad.


8. Qualify, by Vera Nazarian

Nerd Gwen enters space Hunger Games.

(Okay, okay, not technically a spaceship, but we really wanted to include it.)


NOTE: The books listed above should be free at least until midnight PST, but remember to check the prices before you download them. Prices can change by both country and time zone.

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