3 Easy Steps – How to Beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run: Hearthstone Simplified

Our Best Tip to Win Rastakhan’s Rumble Run in Hearthstone

Want to know how to beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run the easy way? No worries! This quick and easy game tip is so good it’s almost a game cheat, but it isn’t a cheat at all. It’s just a blow-it-away method to beat the game run that’s built into the run itself. With a little luck (and you can create your own luck), you’ll smash through Rastakhan’s Rumble Run, beating the whole thing and claiming the win in no time.

Step 1: Pick your Shrine.

You want Krag’wa’s Grace – the Shaman Shrine that reduces spell cost by two (2). If this isn’t one of the choices, you’ll have to pick something else and lose on purpose to refresh your options because the game remembers the choices it gave you. This particular Shrine is the key to this method, so if you want to win Rastakhan’s Rumble Run the easy way, take a dive to the first boss until you get this Shrine as an option.

Step 2: Choose little minions and the Unstable Evolution card.

Unstable Evolution is the second half of the trick. You just need some little minions to cast it on. (The card that summons 4 murlocs is perfect, but any low cost minions work. Even totems in a pinch.) With the spell cost reduction shrine, Unstable Evolution now costs ZERO mana, and it’s INFINITELY REPEATABLE in the turn when you use it. So you can upgrade every minion you have (except your Shrine) to a ten-cost minion in a single turn!

Step 3: Pick your evolutions wisely.

Keep in mind that you might not always want to upgrade a card all the way to 10. The legendary that brings back every friendly minion that died at the end of each turn is stupid uber here, for example. Pay attention as you’re upgrading and don’t rush. With a little luck, you’ll have 6 minions in the field besides your Shrine, so you’ll get 6 chances to get a some really beast legendaries. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up with a whole field of 8/8 monsters that will chew through anything the boss throws at you.

Using this method, we beat the run on our very first attempt. (We won more than one fight when we were still on 3 mana!) The toughest, in our case, was boss number 7 because the Unstable Evolution card didn’t show up until about 5 cards from the end of the deck. But if you play smart and hang in there until it shows up, you’ll tear through everything once it finally drops.

Have fun and good luck, and let us know how it works for you!

2 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps – How to Beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run: Hearthstone Simplified

  1. Didn’t work for me. Took 5 times of purposefully dying to get the right shrine and then failed 3 consecutive tries losing on the third, third and sixth boss, respectively. This strategy is largely dependent on luck in getting the right shrine to begin with, drafting the right set of cards (one that would include unstable evolution), drawing into unstable evolution before getting killed, not randomly transforming your minion into one that is immune to spells or that increases the cost of spells in your hand (which happened to me three times over the three attempts), etc. I would not recommend this method.

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