Bookstagram props! Our newest bookish collection!

Decorative String Lights, Sea Glass Festive Beach Themed 10 ft 40 LEDs Battery Operated with Remote

Know what we love? #bookstagrams! We haven’t had time lately for the setups we love to snap, but that doesn’t stop us from hunting down props. Like this gorgeous strand of seaglass-inspired LED lights. 😍

(Go ahead. You know you want them.)

Whenever we find a great bookstagram prop, we save it in a special list. We call it Bookstagram Props. We’re original like that.

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Bookish travel mugs! Do we really need to say more?

Book Lover Stainless Steel Travel Mug,
Insulated 16 oz. Coffee Tumbler by 

What do you love most in all the world? Books! Obviously! And coffee! (Or tea. Tea is good, too. We won’t judge.)

And the best thing about it is they go great together! Curl up with a book and a cup of coffee in your favorite reading nook. Or listen to audiobooks in the car while you sip from your coffee mug. Or read on your phone when your boss isn’t looking and drink coffee to stay awake at work.

(Again, we won’t judge.)

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Awesome back-to-school sale on some of the best bookmarks ever!

This bookmark company makes all their bookmarks by hand. From witches’ feet, to friendly cats, to anime characters, to mermaid tails, there’s something for every reader. With a lot of them priced at 20 – 24% off right now, they’re the perfect back-to-school gift or self-care treat!

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New! Great gift ideas for readers and book lovers! Bookish shopping has never been more fun!

Shop Our Collections for Readers!

What can you never get enough of? Book stuff! Exactly! We can’t either! So we’re hunting down the best gifts and finds for readers, book lovers, and bookstagrammers and cramming them all into one place. A bookish hoard, from a couple of bookwyrms!

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