The Cover of the Navigator, a novel by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Where to Get Tales of the Wendy, Book 2!

Want to know about The Wendy sequel? Here’s where to get Tales of the Wendy, Book 2, by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, including the publishing date and preorders!

Tales of the Wendy II is The Navigator, coming October 8!

Some editions are already up for preorder ( iBooks | Kindle | Kobo | Nook ), with more links coming soon! Here are 5 great ways to get updates about the book, and to make sure you hear about it when it goes on sale.

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Audiobooks in a modern world. Has storytelling come full circle?

What do you think about audiobooks? 

We resisted them for a long time—partly out of habit, and partly out of the idea that listening to an audiobook isn’t reading. It’s letting someone tell you a story.

And then it hit us. That’s the best thing about them.

Books didn’t come first in the evolution of story. Narration did: the mythologies we dreamed up by firelight in the caves of our ancestors; the fairytales we invented to pass long, winter nights; the magical hopes and dreams we shared beneath the harvest moon.

The magic of books came later, when we began to write them down. But books weren’t the first magic.

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