Simon Cup’s Box by A.B. Syed

Simon Cup’s Box by A.B. Syed

Funny and Brilliant!

(A note from Erin: I stole this one out of our in-box and never gave it back. Hey, you snooze, you lose. Middle grade books go by middle grade rules. Word.)

This book wasn’t next up in my review list. I know. It wasn’t. So, here’s what happened…

I got a review copy by email. Yay! Love those! Of course, I opened it–you know, just to make sure it would open. Then I read a paragraph or two because I’m a compulsive reader, and after all, it was right there in front of me. I can’t be blamed for that. It was clearly not my fault.

An hour later, I finished it. I couldn’t put it down, which was also not my fault. I blame A.B. Syed. And, obviously, I blame Simon Cup. (It’s okay. He’s used to it.) The book made me grin like a little kid. In several places it made me laugh out loud. People looked at me oddly, yes, but I laughed out loud anyway. It’s that kind of book.

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