Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Judy

Top 15 Most Kawaii Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers to Get for Your Island

Updated July 4, 2021. Have you ever wanted your Animal Crossings New Horizons island to be full of cute, adorable islanders that look like they came straight out of the newest anime? Well, I did! So after looking at the pros and cons of all the villagers, I’ve narrowed it down to the 15 cutest ACNH villagers I think will make any island the cutest of them all!

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3 Easy Steps – How to Beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run: Hearthstone Simplified

Our Best Tip to Win Rastakhan’s Rumble Run in Hearthstone

Want to know how to beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run the easy way? No worries! This quick and easy game tip is so good it’s almost a game cheat, but it isn’t a cheat at all. It’s just a blow-it-away method to beat the game run that’s built into the run itself. With a little luck (and you can create your own luck), you’ll smash through Rastakhan’s Rumble Run, beating the whole thing and claiming the win in no time. Continue reading “3 Easy Steps – How to Beat Rastakhan’s Rumble Run: Hearthstone Simplified”

83% off Gears of War Aspho Fields – the military sci-fi prequel to the blockbuster games!

Gears of War Aspho Fields, by Karen Traviss

$1.99 Kindle Sale ($11.99)

Gaming. Yeah, we’ve dabbled. From Tuesday raids in World of Warcraft to Friday clan nights in Call of Duty, there’s nothing like fighting the good fight with 5 to 40 of your best friends chilling in voice chat. But if you watched any of the E3 broadcasts this year, you’ll know there are few fandoms as enthusiastic as the Gears of War crowd. Gears 5, Gears Pop!, Gears Tactics… the screams just kept coming. Gears readers will be glad to know the franchise is producing books as fast as it is gaming titles. If not faster.

Aspho Fields is the official prequel, which has us pretty stoked. We’ve always been suckers for backstory. Action and danger are so much more powerful when you’re invested in the characters, and that’s just as true for games as it is for books. Imagine how much richer the gaming experience would be if we went into it knowing the characters inside and out already. How much more thrilling the victories, and how much more heart wrenching the losses. Sounds intense, right? We think so, too, and now’s our chance to find out.

Pick up Gears of War Aspho Fields for just $1.99 for a limited time!

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Intriguing Plot with a Heroine We Love

Warcross, by Marie Lu

Emika Chen is a young bounty hunter in trouble. Her father is dead, there’s an eviction notice on the door, and her last bounty just got poached out from under her. Desperate for cash, she hacks into Warcross, the world’s biggest virtual reality game, only to get caught—in front of the largest viewing public in history.

But instead of throwing her in jail, the game’s billionaire designer—a shy, dreamboat of a guy with a troubled past—reaches out with an offer: Help them tighten up security. There’s another hacker out there, determined to sabotage the global Warcross tournament at any cost.

And he’s not staying in the game.

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Rare. Epic. Legendary.

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

In a future of limited resources and failing infrastructure, humanity lives out its dreams in a massive virtual reality game-world. Wade Watts is a high school student, getting an elite education for free despite his impoverished real-world life, because that was the vision of the game’s creator: unlimited access to knowledge, for rich and poor alike, where every kid has a genuine opportunity to make something of themselves. But not everyone wants to keep it that way.

The original programmer is dead, and a prize is hidden in the game. Whoever decodes the clues first will inherit his billions—and control the virtual universe. Wade has been searching for years. If he wins, he can leave his life in “the stacks” behind, and he can protect the world he knows and loves. But big business is searching too. If they win, the world can say goodbye to free education. That could add up to trillions, and they’ll do anything to get it. Continue reading “Rare. Epic. Legendary.”