A New Sci-Fi Series from a Master Storyteller!

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Off Planet, by Aileen Erin

Maité is half alien, living in hiding since she was a small child, when most of her father’s species on Earth was slaughtered. If humanity discovers her, they’ll kill her. So she hides with her mother, poor as dirt, trying not to attract attention. But that isn’t easy in a world where all humans have tech implants that her half-Aunare side can’t tolerate. Literally.

Not to mention the super-fast reflexes and the occasional glowing-skin thing.

When she finally gets the chance to flee–to return to the father who desperately wants her safe on an alien world–things go from bad to worse. Her secret is out, and she’s about to become a pawn in an inter-planetary war. Suddenly, what she represents seems to matter more than who she is. But Maité knows exactly who she is. And she’s about to prove it.

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A Highly Satisfying Slump-buster!

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Lunar Court, by Aileen Erin

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think this one was my favorite yet!!! How do they just keep getting better???

Cosette is a fey princess–a flaming-sword wielding, kick butt and take names later kind of fey princess who wants nothing to do with the fey Lunar Court but is bound to it by blood. Chris is a werewolf with a battered childhood. Controlled by the moon, he can’t be bound to the Lunar Court without becoming a slave.

They can’t be together, but they can’t deny their feelings. So when an Archon tells Chris there might be a way to break his lunar tie, Chris enters the fey Court of Gales, an underground world of double-talk and corruption that reminds him far too much of his own troubled past. He would do anything for Cosette. Anything. But that’s easy to say when you don’t know what “anything” might mean…

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Another fun sci-fi slump buster from the mind of Simon Haynes!

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Peace Force, by Simon Haynes

Harriet Walsh was destined to serve on the Peace Force. She’s been receiving invitations to join up since she was only 15 years old… she just doesn’t know it—mostly because they’ve been printed on the backs of takeout menus and advertising pamphlets by an obsolete robot. When her beloved aunt passes away, leaving behind a broken heart and a pile of debt, Harriet finally gets her mail. Serving on the Peace Force isn’t exactly her passion, but jobs are scarce and she needs the cash. Besides, Dismolle is a retirement planet. How bad could it be?

Well, she’s about to find out. Training isn’t easy when nobody outranks the antique-bucket-of-bolts robot that was left running the show, especially when it has to recharge more often than a five-year-old iPhone. Add a training weapon she’s not allowed to train with, a police budget funded by a lottery scam, and an AI cop car that likes long walks on the beach, and Harriet is in for one miserable Peace Force experience.

In other words, classic Simon Haynes.


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A fantastic deal on a 5-star read!

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life, by Benjamin Alire Saenz

We absolutely loved this book. “The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is a brilliant story of youth at an end, adulthood on the horizon, the meaning of family, the many faces of love, and the difficulty of knowing how to hold on while at the same time letting go.” (That’s from our 5-star review of the novel.) It’s one of those reads that just flies by, despite its 464-page length. Think of it as a cross between a journal and a memoir, written by a modern teen with an old soul. At just $2.99 for a limited time, this is one not to miss!


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