Flash Interview: Tyrolin Puxty

Introducing Realm FM!

Hello, blog readers! We’re stoked to announce a brand new book by Tyrolin Puxty, author of the infamous Colt Harper, Esteemed Vampire Cat–not to mention the Broken Dolls series–and one of our favorite people from the land down under! (And that’s saying something. We like a lot of Australians. Go figure.)

Not only has the cover just been revealed today, but we were lucky enough to catch up with the author herself for a FLASH INTERVIEW about the new title, Realm FM, arriving December 5. It’s about a radio station built on top of a wormhole … and the young woman who gets to interview Bigfoot … and the guy she’s trying not to be attracted to. In short, classic Tyrolin Puxty!

Welcome, Tyrolin–thanks for joining us! You already know we LOVE your books–they’re so quirky and fun! You write about some WEIRD scenarios, and we love it!

Thank YOU! I’m such a fan of you guys!

Awwwww, you’re too sweet! Speaking of sweet, we thought we’d take the opportunity to tap into that brilliant mind of yours and convert some of that weirdness sap into blog syrup. (Did that sound creepy? Yeah … probably. But the author of the Broken Dolls series isn’t going to mind a little bit of creepy, right? Of course not!)

Question number one! What’s the weirdest thing that happened while you were writing Realm FM?

I wrote it a year ago in about six weeks over the Christmas break, so sadly the weirdest thing during that time would’ve been my uncanny stamina in regards to polishing off the turkey and chocolate.

I mean, ah, Santa Claus kidnapped me and made me his bride, but I escaped via brutal candy cane stabbings. Pretty weird.

Yeah, we’re going with the brutal candy cane stabbings. Seems legit. (Btw, we Googled “candy cane stabbings” for art to add here and immediately thought better of it. Try it at your own risk.)

Question number two! What was the weirdest source of inspiration for all the strange radio interviews in Realm FM?

Because my brain is constantly running wild with ideas, Realm FM was a good medium to throw a dozen ideas into one. I remember listening to Coast to Coast, and a guest was talking about the existence of leprechauns. She was legitimate, and I began to toy with the concept of a radio station like this existing; only the guests emerge from different dimensions. Seriously, I wish this station were real, which is why the main character 100% speaks like me, looks like me and thinks like me! Living vicariously through my character!

Kittin sitting on laptio keyboard.
Photo from https://newbloggycat.com/tag/cats-typing/

Love it! We can’t wait to see what you ask them! Okay, last question–what’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had as a writer?

My cat jumped up on my keyboard while writing and spelled out “grrrrrr”. I’ve never been so impressed.


Also, the week after Broken Dolls was released (which is about transferring consciousness into a doll), a news article was released stating scientists think they’ve found a way to transfer consciousness. Maybe not into a doll, but instead another person, or a computer … or a fridge.

Bow down to Tyrolin Puxty, the almighty prophet!

Awesome! (Psst … now tell us what numbers to pick in the lottery this week.)

You heard it here first, blog-o-readers!

EDIT: Now on the blog: our cringe-worthy Youtube review of Realm FM!

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