Why I’ve Been Shamelessly Fangirling Simon Haynes for Books

Peace Force, by Simon Haynes

FREE for a limited time!

We’ve known Simon Haynes for years now. And by “know him,” I mean professionally, not personally. And by “professionally,” I mean I’ve fangirled him for something like a decade (Erin, not Steven, just to be clear), reviewing enough of his books to own an autographed first edition of Hal Spacejock #1.

But then I lost them!

Omg, the reviews, not the books! Did you seriously think I would lose BOOKS???

I do not lose books. I might stack them to precarious heights and let the top ones gather dust. (For the record, Hal Spacejock is wearing a dust jacket.) I might even once have ruined a leather-bound book by accidentally letting the binding stick to a shelf because I hadn’t moved it in like four years. But still, I do not lose them.

I do, however, lose reviews. Apparently. They were on a website that isn’t around anymore (long story), and all the files were on an old computer that I’ve replaced at least three times. (Once due to an airline mishap, but that’s another long story.) So now I have no idea where they are. Which is terrible because they were really great. (The books, not the reviews.) And I was going to post them on our blog (the reviews, not the books), and link this deal to them, and now my not-so-brilliant plan has been blown all to heck.

Which is appropriate, actually. Because Simon Haynes’ books feature the worst-laid plans going predictably awry in the funniest way possible. Which is why I love them all.

Writing comes to a screeching halt. Come to think of it, I haven’t read this series yet. Better make sure it’s another comedy. Flips to Amazon. Scanning the preview. Okay, let’s see here. Starts off two days after her aunt’s funeral… uh, wait a minute, that’s not funny at all… nostalgic memories… broke… hang on… about to lose the apartment… um, this doesn’t even sound like… oh, here we go. Page two. Gets a police force job offer printed on the back of a fast food flyer. Yep, we’re good, people. Carry on.

So as I was saying, his books are always a rollicking good time, and this one’s FREE. What could possibly be better than that?

Note from Simon:

Retailers confirmed to have set the price to zero: SmashwordsGoogle PlayKoboiTunesB&N

WARNING! As I write this, the price is 99c on Amazon because they’re still updating their Peace Force price. PLEASE check it’s 0.00 when you actually go to get your copy! If it’s 99c, please try again in a day or two.

From the publisher

Would you work for a deranged robot? Harriet Walsh does!

Her weapon won’t fire without the right paperwork, the patrol car is driving her up the wall, and her crime-fighting computer doesn’t even have solitaire.

Welcome to the Peace Force …

Peace Force is set in the distant future, where the galaxy has been colonised* and human-like robots are commonplace. It’s good clean fun, written with wry humor.

Each Harriet Walsh novel is a complete, stand-alone story. No cliffhanger at the end of each book!

The Harriet Walsh Series

  • Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force (Out Now)
  • Harriet Walsh 2: Alpha Minor (Out Now)
  • Harriet Walsh 3: Sierra Bravo (Out Now)

Harriet Walsh is also a major character in the Hal Spacejock books, and she joins the series in Hal Spacejock 4, No Free Lunch.

Note from Erin: *colonized. Simon is a British-born Aussie writer, giving him a natural hatred for the letter “z.” Or “zed,” as he would say. Look up #SnotZ on Twitter sometime. As in, “s, not z.” As in, “stop spelling words wrong, you daft ninnies.” It’s a whole thing.

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