Sale on three Alpha Girl books! (Because the pack is stronger together.)

Alpha Divided; Bruja; and Alpha Unleashed, all by Aileen Erin

You already know Erin adores these books. (Our Erin, not Aileen Erin, although hopefully her, too.) About three weeks ago, we told you about the sale on the first two. Now, Kindle books three, four, and five are all on deep discount. There’s never been a better time to catch up on the series!

Erin’s more than halfway through book seven, Being Alpha, and absolutely loving it! (We’ll post a review on that soon.) In the meantime, we’ve discovered that book three, Alpha Divided, is only $2.91 today. Plus, books four and five, Bruja and Alpha Unleashed, are only $1.99! Put them together and it’s a crazy deal on the series! Snap them up while you can!

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