5 stars for Being Alpha! Just when you thought dark magic couldn’t get any darker…

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Being Alpha, by Aileen Erin

I love it when a main character actually grows over the course of a series. Developing as a person, becoming more confident. Without any spoilers (ever!), Tessa has done just that. I loved her in the beginning, and I love her now. I just finished Being Alpha about five minutes ago, and I already can’t wait for the next one!

When an idyllic vacation is interrupted by death and terrifying visions, Tessa has to get back home. Fast. An unspeakable evil is brewing, and it’s going to take her blended nature as both witch and werewolf to have any hope of surviving—not to mention saving her soul.

Readers who hard pass on demonic references won’t want to pick this one up, but like the rest of the series, it’s much more of an action-adventure kind of plot than a psychological thriller or horror show. And after everything Tessa has been through in the first six books, there wasn’t anywhere else to turn for something bad enough to pose a real threat. The plot line works, and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

I love the evolution of Tessa’s character, and I love the development of so many of her friends in their own books. (There are also a couple of new characters in this one I can’t wait to learn more about! The fun just keeps coming!)

Rest assured, if you’re thinking about starting the series, this isn’t one that fizzles out after the first book or two. It’s a strong series that just keeps going, and it remains among my favorites.

Warning! The publisher blurbs to later books in the series contain spoilers. If you’re just starting, go to Becoming Alpha. That’s the first book in the series and the only safe blurb to read.

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