Bookstagram props! Our newest bookish collection!

Decorative String Lights, Sea Glass Festive Beach Themed 10 ft 40 LEDs Battery Operated with Remote

Know what we love? #bookstagrams! We haven’t had time lately for the setups we love to snap, but that doesn’t stop us from hunting down props. Like this gorgeous strand of seaglass-inspired LED lights. 😍

(Go ahead. You know you want them.)

Whenever we find a great bookstagram prop, we save it in a special list. We call it Bookstagram Props. We’re original like that.

What’s a bookstagram, you ask? Think of it like eye candy for book lovers. Go to and search for #bookstagram. Then say goodbye to the next hour or so. (A bookstagram is basically a photo of a book. But it can be so, so much more than that. You’ll see.)

LED lights, sparkling confetti, word stones, scintillating gems… There’s no end to the creativity, and our list has plenty to tempt any bookstagrammer, from the very first shot to the seasoned professional.

So join in the fun! Pick up your favorite book and a prop or two and start snapping. (And remember to follow our growing list of bookstagram props for fresh ideas and inspiration!)

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