Only $1.49 for this paranormal fantasy! (The gate is open!)

Spirit Legacy, by E.E. Holmes

With more than 600 reviews on Goodreads and a 4.6 rating, Spirit Legacy by E.E. Holmes is our deal pick of the day. It looks a little bit like Ghost Whisperer (with a rougher childhood) and a whole lot like awesome. (We’re getting hints from reader reviewers of strong character development, and we love well developed characters.)

We picked it up and then got back to hanging out here at Dragoncon. Someone find us a Starbucks. We’re gonna need it!

From the publisher:

“The Gateway is open…”

These cryptic words wake college student Jess Ballard from a terrifying dream into an even more terrifying reality.

Jess’ life has never been what anyone would call easy; doing damage control in the wake of your nomadic, alcoholic mother doesn’t exactly make for a storybook childhood. But now her world has fallen apart just when it should be coming together: her mother gone—dead under mysterious circumstances; her life uprooted to stay with estranged relatives she’s never met; and there’s something odd about some of the people she’s been meeting at school:

They’re dead.

Aided by Tia, her neurotic roommate, and Dr. David Pierce, a ghost-hunting professor, Jess must unravel the mystery behind her hauntings. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more danger shadows her every move. An ancient secret, long-buried, is about to claw its way to the surface, and nothing can prepare Jess for one terrifying truth…her encounters with the world of the dead are only just beginning.

Spirit Legacy is the first of three thrilling paranormal page-turners in “The Gateway Trilogy” by E.E. Holmes.

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