Sugar Spells fulfills the promise of Deadly Sweet, becoming everything I had hoped this series would be!

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Sugar Spells, by Lola Dodge

Brand new this week!!!

Don’t you just love these covers? The first one sucked me right in, and I love this one even more. But what’s true of the covers is just as true of the books!

Anise is still in Taos, but her previous adventures did not leave her unscathed. Without spoilers (for either this book or book one), she finds herself more deeply immersed in the world of magic, becoming more aware of its darker side—whether she wants to or not. Now she’s struggling to figure out how she fits in, who she’s going to be, and what exactly is happening to her powers.


The first book, Deadly Sweet, intrigued me enough to request the second. With Sugar Spells, Lola Dodge’s Spellwork Syndicate series has become one of my fun-read favorites. I wanted to see Anise come more into her own, learning from past mistakes and making better choices, and she’s definitely doing her best to rise to the hero’s call. Better yet, she’s doing it believably, with her own personal style. Anise is never going to be a smooth, cut-off-your-head-with-a-scimitar kind of heroine, and she isn’t trying to be. She just Anise, only, you know, more heroic.

The world also becomes richer in this novel. We get to see a bit more of the different kinds of magic, and we’re introduced to a few new venues. But my personal favorite thing is that we get to delve deeper into characters who weren’t fully explored in book one. Anise’s future in Taos is on the line, and while she’s had friends here from the beginning, it’s time for her to start building a real team—if she wants to survive.

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Can’t wait for book three!!!

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