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That’s Not What I Heard, by Stephanie Kate Strohm

When two high school seniors break up accidentally, the entire school is thrown into mayhem. A single rumor that’s… err, well… almost true takes on a life of its own until half the school won’t even speak to the other half, the teachers are all taking sides, and two of the most responsible students in the district are kicking up more trouble in a single week (without even trying) than most people manage in a lifetime.

I loved this story. I’m not usually over the moon about books that jump between a lot of different characters, but I adored this one. Stephanie Kate Strohm makes it feel effortless. Every character is so memorable, so outlandish, and at the same time so eminently believable that I had no trouble keeping them straight… and falling in love with them all.

As the plot continues to escalate, the intricacies are beautifully woven together. (And the conversations in the teachers lounge are among the funniest I’ve ever read.) Will William Henry Harrison High be torn apart by one colossal misunderstanding? I went back and forth so many times that I couldn’t decide who to root for—except, of course, for Stephanie Kate Strohm herself, who is clearly the winner in this delightful, madcap romp.

Bottom line: Another contemporary YA winner by Stephanie Kate Strohm!

We received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Nobody pays us to recommend anything. We just post stuff we like.

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