Now just $0.99! Dragons, magic, and sizzling hot elves in a steamy 5-star fantasy romance!

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The Last Dragon Rider, by Errin Krystal

We’ve called it “wine and chocolate for the reader’s palate.” Now only $0.99, for a limited time, it’s the perfect weekend escape. If you love hot elves, dragons, magic, and high fantasy adventure with a luxurious dose of passion, don’t miss this chance to pick it up for less than the price of a dwarven ale!

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The Last Dragon Rider by Errin Krystal

Like Wine & Chocolate for the Reader’s Palate

Trained as an elite warrior from childhood, the elven crown prince, Flintathriël, fights to end a war that began before he was born. With the aid of his betrothed, Sairalindë, a skilled mage and dragon rider in her own right, he must find the Book of Souls–an ancient and mysterious tome rumored to have belonged to the god Hath’Raal.

But when the missing book turns up in the hands of Mnuvae, the bastard daughter who believes the kingdom to be rightfully hers, Flintathriël and Sairalindë must defend each other–and their people–against a far greater force than they bargained for…


The Last Dragon Rider is a ruby of a book–the magic of firelight captured impossibly in stone. Roughly half a carat in weight (it is not a long read), the color is exquisite. The spark of romance and adventure sizzles within its depths.

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