The City in the Mountains by Valerie Noble

Sci-Fi Action with a Kick-Ass Heroine

Ever since Kaia was born, she has been taught that the alien Descenders rescued a dying Earth from the brink of ecological disaster. Now she lives in a sustainable utopia, in which all human beings and Descenders alike must “earn” the energy they use. Athletes are the rock stars of this future world, producing enough energy to bring wealth and prosperity to their home grids, and Kaia is already one of the best.

But there is a Resistance brewing—rebel Descenders are plotting against their own government and its strange genetic experimentation. Are Kaia’s purple eyes and extra-sensory abilities the signs they have been waiting for? Is she the first evolutionary leap of humanity, the one that could save the Descenders from their own looming extinction?

In The City in the Mountains, book two of Valerie Noble’s series, The Energy Crusades, Kaia is ripped away from the boy she loves and forced to fight for her own survival on an alien world. Will she agree to be the pawn the government wants her to be? Or will the resistance turn her into a poster child for their own mysterious agenda?

Torn between two factions in a war that was never her own—and torn between the childhood love she left behind on Earth and the young man on Danu who might be her only chance for an ally—Kaia will have to find her inner strength as “the girl with the purple eyes” if she is to survive on an alien planet, define her own fate, and find her way back home.

This sequel is a stellar continuation of the series. We already loved Kaia after the first book, and we loved her more with every new page. There are enough twists and turns that anything else would be a spoiler. Don’t miss it!

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