Trapped in Silver by Emily Sowden

This Debut Author Is One To Watch

Here’s the thing about real people. They’re complicated. Okay, fine. We’re complicated. We can stand up to a pack of wolves with nothing but a knife at dusk and then shiver in a warm bed until dawn, terrified by a nightmare we don’t even remember. It doesn’t make any sense. Real people don’t always make sense. Emily Sowden gets that. She gets how real life works.

Take Ava. She might not be great at fighting, but she’s a survivor. She knows how to depend on herself. When her mother dies and her father starts disappearing, she holds the family farm together. So what if women aren’t allowed to conduct business in her misogynist, backwater town? She’ll dress herself as a young man and get the job done. That’s practical strength. That’s real strength.

When her life takes a turn and she finds herself far from home, surrounded by demons and berserkers and dangers she never even imagined, she doesn’t pick up a random weapon, master it in two weeks, and start slaying monsters left and right. Why not? Because no real person could do that. What a real person can master quickly is learning how to take advantage of what they already have. That’s what Ava does, and she does it in spades.

But the world of Trapped in Silver is just as impressive as its characters. From struggling towns to magical wilderness, Sowden has created a reality with breadth, depth, and a history so rich it practically jumps off the page. With a wonderful cast of supporting characters to provide both protection and new challenges at every turn, Ava’s sassy and headstrong journey to discover her true place within this realm is well worth the read.

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