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Another great read from the mind of Tyrolin Puxty! I love her stuff so much, and it never disappoints!

Oath. A dull sort of town. The kind of place where you might stop for pancakes, on your way to somewhere far more interesting. You’d forget all about them the moment you left. (Both the town and the pancakes.) In fact, you’d never give Oath another thought unless you had the terrible misfortune of getting stuck there. Forever.

Through some cosmic mix-up, Codi’s landed in a place where she does not belong. She doesn’t remember how she got there, and she can’t seem to find a way out. An impenetrable white fog surrounds the town. No one new ever shows up, and no one ever leaves.

Until Codi appears. Again.

Only this time it’s a child version of herself, babbling about things big Codi can’t understand. There are other versions of the town. Other versions of herself. And she has to find herself before she can leave. But she’d better hurry. Because all hell is about to break loose, and the people of Oath do not respond well to change.


Down to Oath is classic Tyrolin Puxty. Quirky and intriguing, it’s a novella-sized read that does exactly what short fiction should: It entertains, and it makes you think. I wish I could talk about the questions it raised for me personally, but I can’t. Even the questions would spoil the book.

But hey, that’s why people invented book clubs! Do you have a book club? Read this one! You’ll love it! It’s fun, it’s profound, and it’s bound to provoke fascinating discussions–the kind of intense dialog people get caught up in even if they didn’t read the book. You know who I’m talking about. That book club slacker who read whatever the heck they wanted instead of the assigned book and just came for the cupcakes.

(That’s right, me. I’m talking about me. What? I read what I want. And what I want is more Tyrolin Puxty!)

Since this isn’t a book club, all I can do here is recommend it.

BOTTOM LINE: Part mystery, part madcap romp, Puxty fans will devour Down to Oath in a single sitting.

– Erin’s pick.

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