Alpha Girl: one of my favorite “fun read” series!

Books one and two are FREE on Kindle!

I call them “fun reads.” It’s my own category, but I’m sure you have one just like it. The books can come from any genre, but they have to suck me in from the beginning, hold my attention to the end, and be easy to read all the way through. They can be thrilling or adventurous or sexy or funny, but they’re all just plain fun.

Aileen Erin’s Alpha Girl series is all of these at once, and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Tessa McCaide gets visions–so many visions that other kids think she’s a freak. She tries desperately not to touch things. Any thing. Because things hold the latent psychic energies of the people who came before. Furniture, hair ribbons, even doorknobs… vintage clothing stores might be her worst nightmare.

When her family moves from California to Texas, Tessa hopes she can keep her visions under control long enough to leave her reputation behind. To have a chance to be a normal kid. Unfortunately, her life is destined to get a whole lot stranger instead…

I won’t say anything else about the plot. (You can read the blurb on Amazon if you like knowing more ahead of time.) But I can tell you it’s still going strong six books later. If you like paranormal thrills, mystery, friendship, and a healthy dose of sexual tension, you’ll love this series as much as I do. Book seven comes out in just four days, and I can’t wait! (It’s at the very top of my towering TBR!)

The first two, Becoming Alpha and Avoiding Alpha, are free on Kindle.

If the link above doesn’t work, try this one instead.


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