Digital book haul! Three great reads for less than two bucks!

Welcome to August!

With nearly 5,000 visitors in July, we’ve grown 10-fold since January, thanks to readers just like you. Okay, exactly like you. As in, actually you. To celebrate, we’re introducing something new: digital book hauls!

(In other words, we found 3 great book deals for SO cheap that we bought them all.)

ISAN cover

First, we discovered Mary Ting’s ISAN, a YA dystopian sci-fi with a 4.6 on Amazon from 83 reviews. ‘Zon readers make it sound like The 5th Wave meets Blindspot: A teen assassin is kidnapped by a handsome stranger and told that everything she remembers is a lie. Okay, yes, it has a trope-alert score of at least 3 on the DEFCON scale, but for $0.99 today, we were willing to risk it. Especially with 81 positive reviews and only two nay-sayers.

Crossroads cover

Mary Ting is new to us, so we looked through her other titles and uncovered this gem, also for $0.99. Crossroads. It’s a YA supernatural fantasy, of the angels & nephilim variety. Girl meets nephilim. Nephilim loves girl. Nephilim is forbidden to love girl. Demons start hunting them down. Another trope alert DEFCON 3, but here’s the thing: tropes become tropes for a reason. When they’re done well, they’re some of the most captivating reads. The author wrote this one based on a dream, and we were intrigued enough to pick it up for another $0.99.

Waterfall cover

Finally, we meandered through the free YA store for kicks and found Waterfall, by Lisa T. Bergren. In this first of the 5-book River of Time series, Gabi (a daughter of two archaeologists) touches the wrong artifact and ends up in 14th-century Italy. She wants to go home, but on the other hand, there’s this knight… We’re guessing Outlander meets The Warehouse, but in Italy. At a 4.6 with 726 customer reviews, free sounds like a steal.

We’re stoked about them all, and we’ll let you know what we think as we get to them. We’re picking up far more books than we can read, but that’s the thing about being bookaholics. We tend to go a little overboard. Still, at these prices, and with a couple of 21st-century tablets to hide our hoarding problem from the neighbors, we really don’t see the problem.

What’s your book kryptonite?

Drop us a note in the comments and tell us what kind of book deals you can’t walk away from!

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