3 heroic book deals to capture your imagination! (Your wallet has never been safer.)

Wonder Woman: Warbringer, by Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo is one of the most popular YA authors writing today. Her Six of Crows was a New York Times bestseller, and now she’s turned her attention to one of Erin’s favorite superheroes of all time. It almost goes without saying that this was also a New York Times bestseller, straight out of the gate. It’s only $1.99 today, so don’t miss it!

Batman: Nightwalker, by Marie Lu

We loved Marie Lu’s Warcross. And Erin loves Batman. (Steven’s more of a Marvel fan, but Erin fell for all the sweet gadgets. Hard to blame her.) This one’s a match made in heaven. And, yes, this was an instant New York Times bestseller, too. Those superhero books just fly off the shelves. (Get it? Fly off the shelves? Because… yeah, you get it.)

The Postman, by David Brin

David Brin’s The Postman is a dystopian sci-fi classic. Not so much a super hero as a reluctant one, Brin’s protagonist finds a postman’s bag in a crumbling world, and accidentally becomes a symbol of hope to people he never wanted to save. We ran across the $1.99 deal this afternoon and just had to add it before the daily newsletter went out. Enjoy!

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