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Open Minds, by Susan Kaye Quinn

Humanity of the future is telepathic. But some people are born different. The least powerful are zeros, hated because their minds are closed off. The most powerful are jackers, feared for their abilities. Kira is a zero — an outcast, and completely alone. But if they knew what she was thinking, things would be so much worse.

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The award-winning Open Minds trailer!

Locked Tight, by Susan Kaye Quinn

This begins a different series in the Mindjack world, following Zeph instead of Kira. When you’re born with the ability to control other minds, everyone wants to use you as a weapon, and they’ll do just about anything to control you.

Third Daughter, by Susan Kaye Quinn

Aniri and her mother have never seen eye to eye, and now Aniri has been asked to marry a barbarian prince — with war looming on the horizon, it might be her nation’s only chance for peace. But she’s about to find out that nothing is as simple as she had believed. Someone wants this war, and they’re willing to kill to get it.

One of Erin’s “fun read” picks, Third Daughter is not a “pampered princess falls for rough, manly man” trope romance. Quite the opposite.  The “barbarians” aren’t anything of the kind, and Susan Kaye Quinn has embedded a solid theme of strength in diversity at the heart of a good read.

The Legacy Human, by Susan Kaye Quinn

Elijah is 17, in a world where humans can merge with machines to live forever. But, of course, not everyone. Elijah is a legacy human, with artistic genes that trace back to “unaltered” humanity. When Elijah’s talent earns him a sponsor, and a chance to win the right to become an ascender (“smarter, more enlightened, more compassionate, and above all, achingly beautiful”), he leaps at the chance. But nothing is what he’s been led to believe. Not the ascenders. Not the Games.

Not even himself.

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