A. G. Riddle’s Origin Mystery trilogy! The first of 6 sci-fi thriller deals to rev up your weekend!

The Origin Mystery series, by A. G. Riddle

The Guardian has said that Riddle’s books read like a “collaboration between Dan Brown and Michael Crichton.” Diana Gabaldon, the author of Outlander, has called them “well-constructed and tightly-wound as a fine Swiss watch.” Each of the Origin Mystery titles is only $2.49 this weekend. In fact, all of A. G. Riddle’s ebooks are on sale this weekend, and we picked up every one.

This first series is in development to be a major motion picture. It ties together a mysterious structure hidden beneath the ice in Antarctica,  one woman’s genetic research to cure autism, and a secret society that believes an extinction event is about to wipe out more than 99% of humanity. We love a real edge-of-your-seat thriller series, especially when the science (good, solid science) takes a back seat and lets the characters drive the story. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this one!

The Atlantis Gene | The Atlantis Plague | The Atlantis World

From the publisher:

Experience the worldwide bestseller with OVER THREE MILLION COPIES sold in 20 languages (and now in development to be a major motion picture).

The greatest mystery of all time…
The history of human origins…
Will be revealed.

In Antarctica, researchers find a mysterious structure buried deep in the ice. It’s thousands of years old, and something is guarding it. Inside, the team makes a discovery that will rewrite human history–and could set off an extinction level event.

Dr. Kate Warner moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to escape her past. She still hasn’t recovered from what happened to her, but she has made the breakthrough of a lifetime: a cure for autism. But Kate’s discovery is far more dangerous than she ever imagined.

When two children are abducted from her clinic, Kate is thrust into a global conspiracy with far-reaching consequences. A secret society believes her work may be the key to unleashing the next stage of human evolution. It’s an event that will wipe out 99.9% of the human race, and they will stop at nothing to find her and obtain her research.

The race to find the Atlantis Gene has begun. And humanity will never be the same.


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