A 5-star romcom with vampires, C.L. Ogilvie’s Some Assistance Required is a steal at $2.99!

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Some Assistance Required, by C.L. Ogilvie

Glenda Melner has a mother who (probably) can’t remember her name, a new lawyer boss who happens to be a vampire, and a best friend who’s convinced Glen won’t survive her first week on the job. The firm comes complete with a shapeshifter who can’t shift, a fairy who can’t fly, a hyperborean who can’t be bothered to give a mere human the time of day, and vampire-hating protestors who lob garlic at the lobby. Not to mention the orc at the security desk.

Soon Glenda is embroiled in a hot supernatural mess, and I loved every minute of it. The book is a standalone, but I wish it weren’t because I adored the main character and the entire ensemble cast. I would buy another book about them all in a second!!!

It’s especially refreshing as a romcom because it doesn’t follow the usual script. There’s even one scene early on that suggests things might be moving toward horror, but don’t let it throw you. This isn’t a horror novel. It’s a romcom. With vampires.

Oddly enough, the romcom half reminded me of the classic 80’s genre. The wonderful kind of romcom like Working Girl or While You Were Sleeping that they don’t seem to make anymore. But the other half (the vampire half), well, that’s a thing all its own. I’ve never seen supernaturals done quite like this, and now I can’t get enough! (Please, please, please turn this into a series and write another book??)

The quick but vivid descriptions of the creatures and settings make the blended supernatural world come alive. The author’s deft verbal sketches give you that feeling of being there without ever slowing the pace of the novel. In fact, they make me wish I could spend a whole vacation in C.L. Ogilvie’s head.

But, hey, I guess that’s what a book is, isn’t it.

– Erin’s pick

From the publisher:

Glenda Melner needs a job.

Ever since the portal between the human and magical worlds opened, the City of Doorwayen has been flooded with magical applicants. Her only hope is Rupert Meier, the incredibly handsome vampire attorney. He needs an assistant, but he usually prefers humans as food. Fortunately for Glenda, he’s desperate.

Between meetings with the Mermaid Coalition, dodging militant protesters and avoiding calls from his terrifying mother, Glenda has her hands full with her new boss, who is quickly starting to depend on her for everything.

In fact, Rupert is looking to make their arrangement a little more… permanent.

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