Top 15 Most Kawaii Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers to Get for Your Island

Updated July 4, 2021. Have you ever wanted your Animal Crossings New Horizons island to be full of cute, adorable islanders that look like they came straight out of the newest anime? Well, I did! So after looking at the pros and cons of all the villagers, I’ve narrowed it down to the 15 cutest ACNH villagers I think will make any island the cutest of them all!

1. Pinky

Pinky will bring a pink Japanese-style house to your village when she moves in. Not only is her house pink, but as her name implies, so is she! Pinky is a bear-type villager and looks soft and cuddly walking around your island. Don’t overlook her—she’ll add a ton of cute points to your island!

2. Rosie

Who couldn’t love Rosie? Not only is her name already cute, but her cheeks are always blushing. She always seems happy and is featured in all versions of the Animal Crossing games, so you’ll have a blast from the past living on your island. She likes all cute clothing so you can make her look adorable in so many things!

3. Judy

Judy will be your lolita queen! Not only are there stars in her eyes, but in her home too. Her house looks like a playroom, and the colors will fit in great with the rest of your pastel village. She loves frilly clothes, so it’s very rewarding to shop for her. She loves anything cutesy and will look amazing in it too.

4. Diana

Diana gives amazing gifts, such as the blossom lantern, so she’ll help you make your own house or favorite island spots super kawaii too! Her dialogue is sassy but she loves to dance and will gladly be your friend. Her home, which looks like a Victorian spa, will bring a uniqueness to your island that your visitors will envy!

5. Daisy 

Daisy might not look too kawaii at first glance, but her home will fit perfectly into the village you’re trying to build. She also has pastel ears and a neutral coloration—so you can give her adorable clothes to wear and she’ll be a shining star along with your other kawaii villagers!

6. Tia

Tia is a walking fantasy. She looks like she’s straight out of Alice and Wonderland, and what kawaii princess doesn’t love tea? She’ll be sure to bring a level of elegance to your village while looking absolutely adorable to begin with.

7. Sherb

Sherb has the most adorable dialogue and is pastel blue himself! He’s the most kawaii male villager, and his matching blue house will fall right in line in your pastel town!

8. Flurry

Flurry is another diamond in the rough. You’ll have to give her new clothes, but once she has a new outfit she’ll grace your village with unparalleled hamster cuteness. Her house is decorated in pinks on the inside and white and blue on the outside. Oh, did I mention her catchphrase is “powerpuff”? Does it get any cuter than that?

9. Sprinkle

The inside of Sprinkle’s house is like entering a dreamworld! Her home is full of ice and shells. She’s an adorable pastel blue, and she just wants to be your friend. Besides, who doesn’t love penguins?

10. Merengue

I never knew rhinos could be kawaii until I saw Merengue. She has a strawberry for a horn! The inside of her house looks like an adorable ice cream parlor and will make for some amazing pictures! She also gives great gifts once you earn her friendship.

11. Chelsea

Chelsea is another adorable deer villager. She might be a deer but she wears a soft pink bunny ear headband that matches her pastel outfit, which makes her all the more kawaii. She is a normal type so it’s easy for you to become her bff. Her house’s roof is pink, fitting in perfectly with your cute village.

12. Chrissy

What could be cuter than a white rabbit? One that’s wearing a pink polka dot hood! Her house is pink and blue and all of the furniture recipes she will teach you how to build are just as cute as she is. Plus, her favorite song is “Bubblegum K.K.” which is just as happy and upbeat as she is.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Chrissy

13. Whitney

Whitney is our favorite female wolf because she’s so classy and sassy. Her personality is snooty but that will mesh perfectly with your other cute and normal villagers. Her house is the perfect pop of pastel blue, like she is, and is a great contrast to all the pink you surely have by now. Her button nose and pink eyeshadow are just adorable. She is sure to add a level of elegance to your village.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Whitney

14. Gayle

And the award for the most loli character in the game goes to Gayle! Who said alligators can’t be cute too? She has an actual heart on her face and to top it off she already comes dressed for the perfect kawaii village with a ruffled pink and white dress. Her house is cream on the outside and a pastel fantasy on the inside. Gayle is a must-have for ultimate cuteness.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Gayle

15. Lily

Lily is a normal type so she is super easy to befriend and get along with. Her house is dreamy on the inside. Frogs are just adorable and to add blush to her cheeks just makes her Animal Crossing’s most beloved frog. She will gift you all the things you need to make an adorable garden which will be the perfect thing to top off your kawaii village.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Lily

That’s it, my Animal Crossing New Horizons kawaii lineup! Which ones are your favorites? Are there more you’d add? Let me know!

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