Free Energy – Hidden Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Mystery!

Ah, Easter eggs: the hidden treasures that game designers hide for us to find and love, and Hogwarts Mystery has plenty! There’s a secret FREE ENERGY egg in every section of Hogwarts, and instead of describing where they are, we thought we’d just show you, with a few Hogwarts Mystery gifs we made ourselves. (Hey, that’s just how we roll.) So here we go!

In the East Towers:

Touch the mirror at the far left of the hall.

In the West Towers:

Touch the picture to the right of the Gryffindor Common Room.

On the Lower Floor – West:

Touch the unlit brazier to the right of the Great Hall door.

NOTE: The knights to the right of the brazier give energy, too! We’ll make a gif for it soon! (Thanks, Nikki, for showing us this one!)

In the Dungeons:

Tap the little guy to the right of the Kitchens. (Hey, is that Dobby?)

On the Castle Grounds:

Touch the stick on the ground.

On the Lower Floor – East:

Touch the messy pile of books–magic, flying books!

In Hogsmeade, look for a student on a sled in the alley. (We’ll update this post with a gif once we open it.)

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And wait!!! Are there even more hidden Easter eggs in Hogwarts Mystery???

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12 thoughts on “Free Energy – Hidden Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Mystery!

  1. Ich denke, ich habe noch ein Easter- Egg gefunden: in der Liste ( wer wie viele Hauspunkte gesammelt hat ) steht ein ganz besonderer Name: Chloe Price.
    Es könnte eine Anspielung an “Life is Strange” sein.

  2. How about the spongify class? McGonagall states students “in the past turned the floor into trampolines” which is exactly how it’s used in the pc version of hp2 and hp3

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