A New Sci-Fi Series from a Master Storyteller!

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Off Planet, by Aileen Erin

Maité is half alien, living in hiding since she was a small child, when most of her father’s species on Earth was slaughtered. If humanity discovers her, they’ll kill her. So she hides with her mother, poor as dirt, trying not to attract attention. But that isn’t easy in a world where all humans have tech implants that her half-Aunare side can’t tolerate. Literally.

Not to mention the super-fast reflexes and the occasional glowing-skin thing.

When she finally gets the chance to flee–to return to the father who desperately wants her safe on an alien world–things go from bad to worse. Her secret is out, and she’s about to become a pawn in an inter-planetary war. Suddenly, what she represents seems to matter more than who she is. But Maité knows exactly who she is. And she’s about to prove it.

I’m a long-time sci-fi junky so you can bet I was thrilled to see Aileen Erin put this one out. I inhaled it in two days and I loved every second!!! When I’m hooked on both the characters and the action, that’s a six-out-of-five-stars winOff Planet is one of those rare character-driven action books that hooked me both ways, and I can’t wait for the next one.

Without any spoilers, there are also signs that the overall arc will develop in exciting directions over the longer course of the series, which is something Aileen Erin has truly mastered. Her books develop from one to the next, the plot becoming more intricate and the characters growing in new directions as the story continues. I loved this one, I love where the next one is going to start, and I WISH I HAD THEM ALL RIGHT NOW!

Bottom line: Fantastic story! Love the characters! A+ for both! Six out of five stars!!!!

We received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Nobody pays us to recommend anything. We just post stuff we like.

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