The Cover of the Navigator, a novel by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Where to Get Tales of the Wendy, Book 2!

Want to know about The Wendy sequel? Here’s where to get Tales of the Wendy, Book 2, by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, including the publishing date and preorders!

Tales of the Wendy II is The Navigator, coming October 8!

Some editions are already up for preorder ( iBooks | Kindle | Kobo | Nook ), with more links coming soon! Here are 5 great ways to get updates about the book, and to make sure you hear about it when it goes on sale.

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Our free promotion was an epic win, and the fun is only beginning!

The Intuitives, by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

$2.99 Kindle Sale! ($8.99)

Our free promotion of The Wendy was an epic success! No, wait. A legendary success! We’re talking Indiana Jones pulling out his gun and shooting the guy with the sword kind of success. Or injured Karate Kid Daniel beating Cobra Kai Johnny’s ass with a Hail Mary crane kick kind of success. Maybe even “Use the Force, Luke” destroying the Deathstar kind of success.

Too far?

Well, it feels that amazing to us. Our goal for the promotion was to giveaway 5,000 copies, with a stretch goal of 10,000. Instead, we gave away forty thousand books! We’re completely blown away. To say thank you to our amazing reading community (which just got a whole lot bigger than our former VW bus load), we have a few more surprises in store, starting today!

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The Wendy, a YA fantasy retelling with a twist!

The Wendy, by Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

(Hey, look! We wrote this one!)

Unlike most retellings, which follow the basic plot of the original book, The Wendy pays tribute to JM Barrie’s style and the Peter Pan characters (and their complex relationships) while offering readers a completely new story. We love writing the Tales of the Wendy series, and we hope you’ll love reading it!

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